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Match Report

Match Report - 08 Oct 2022, Old Wykehamist Football Club 1st XI lost to KCS Old Boys

Everything that could have gone wrong for us, went wrong. At 2pm on Friday afternoon, we had 13 strong players on the team sheet. By 10.30am Saturday we had 11. Covid the culprit this time. So to the battlefield we went with wingers in full back positions and midfielders at centre back. What could go wrong?

I’ll tell you - KCS number 8 can launch an elbow into the face of Alex Dawkins and split his brow, requiring 6 stitches at A&E. Down to 10 men, and in a bit of disarray with our only actual defender now off, we shifted 4 goals and went into half time feeing pretty unhappy, but not totally dead and buried. We rallied and got a goal back through Gus Morse who picked the pocket of the CB high up the pitch and finished calmly into the bottom right corner. 1-4. Spurred on by club legend James Essex, who despite being out of action with a dislocated shoulder, came down to shout at the ref and oppo, some faith was restored.

However, it didn’t last long. Caspar Byers’ hamstring pinged, and with no subs, we played out 35 minutes with only 9 men. This really was game over. Despite some heroics from Kahan Shirvani (MOM), we shifted another 4 goals.

Old Wykehamist Football Club 1st XI 1 - 8 KCS Old Boys ()

Name Goals Details
1 Laurence Blackwell-Thale  
2 Freddie Byers  
3 Alex Dawkins  
4 Kahan Shirvani  
5 Patrick Lloyd  
6 Matt Black  
7 Lekan Olagunju  
8 Caspar Byers  
9 Jaimish Vekeria  
10 Tom Swart  
11 Gus Morse   1