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Match Report

Match Report - 04 Dec 2021, Old Wykehamist Football Club 2nd XI beat Old Ardinians 2s

With the 1s game cancelled due to a Covid outbreak amongst Forresters 1s (so unfortunate, it could not happen to nicer blokes!) the Dubs 2s fielded a stronger than usual side at Club des Sports that never looked like losing. Which is saying something considering we were 2-0 down after twenty minutes. But then the ref, who was in fact an Old Ardinian covering a tardy semi-professional official, gave a soft penalty for handball against his own team. If an OW ever does this there will be problems. Alas the oppo GK made a frankly exceptional save off Fred Thomas’ spot kick. It was only after the game we found out he had professional caps to his name - more on him anon. The Dubs did start moving the ball around a bit and got a few corners, from which Tom Vernon claimed two assists. The headed goals first from Ben McLeary then Ollie Mitchell were quite delicious. The former’s involved him flattening two opposition members and leaving them on the deck inside their own goal while he reeled off in celebration. After half-time Mikey Hodnett started coming deep and getting the ball off the CBs, Matt Black came on and delivered a genuinely Lahm-esque performance at LB (take note please 1s management), Caspar Byers found space in the middle, Mitchell bombed on and combined regularly with John Wilson and Jamie Ross-Skinner up front, and it was all too much for Old Ardinians. The chances flowed. First Hodnett played a ludicrous pass for Percy Winter to get in on goal and chip the goalie to go 3-2 ahead. Then Wilson began a weird two-person performance with the keeper seeing how many ridiculous saves he could bring out of him without scoring. Eventually Mitchell "used all his experience" and went down for the (actual paid) ref to give us a second pen, which Wilson scored and in doing so ended the show. Ross-Skinner got a very well deserved goal off another Hodnett assist to make it 5-2. Al Wheal’s distribution at the back meant Hugh Burden and Tom McCleary could pick out passes from the back and the oppo couldn’t get a touch. By the end it was keep ball for the Dubs.

While double-assist Vernon nipped off to decorate the Christmas tree with his kids, teenagers Winter and Byers melted into London’s Friday night. The bulk of the team enjoyed pizza and pints at our favourite establishment The Station House - shout out - and discussed what the Christmas social might look like next week on Sat 11 Dec. It’s rumoured that Social Sec Mitchell does not - as a policy - do any admin before 3am, but expect details in the very near future.

Old Wykehamist Football Club 2nd XI 5 - 2 Old Ardinians 2s ()

Name Goals Details
1 Alexander Wheal  
2 Hugh Burden  
3 Oliver Mitchell   1
4 Ben McCleery   1
5 Tom McCleery  
6 Caspar Byers  
7 Fred Thomas  
8 Mike Hodnett  
9 John Wilson   1
10 Jamie Ross-Skinner   1
11 Tom Vernon  
12 Matt Black  
13 Percival Winter   1