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Match Report

Match Report - 15 Nov 2008, Old Wykehamist Football Club 1st XI drew with Winchester College 1st XI

Gordon Baker winds back the years...

3XIs of OWs turned up to Hunter Tent.

We warmed up with three cathartic draws before getting into the serious

First we hit the Queen, for their woefully greasy heap of chips and
sausages. True athletes, and the nutritionally aware, prefered to perpetuate
the OW dream and smoked outside. The youthful colts (still in nappies during
the last credit crunch) rehydrated with strong lager, while the veterans (at
university at the same time) slaked their thirst with India Pale Ale. There
were some classic performances - some mazy solo gags, some great teamwork as
gory details were dredged up and the gags volleyed home. There was laughter,
there were tears. We thought the good times couldn't get better and indeed
for some, red cards were shown or knickers twisted and off they went to
their early baths.

The second half was played in near perfect conditions at the Exchange.
Chelsea was on the box and her mates were soon to be in the palm of Mr
Skinner's hand. Captain Steele returned from his foray into the tuck boxes
of Furleys intent on putting OWFC's world to rights. With a fistful of cash
behind the bar, commitment he wanted and commitment he got. The ringers and
late reinforcements added critical momentum, timing their arrival with the
red nylon mingers, doubling as sambuca wenches.

OWFC started to make it's presence felt in the critical positions. But sadly
this remaining veteran could last the pace no longer, and headed for home to
suggestions that 'you'll never make the station.' SMS technology reports
extrta time foul play deep inside the box, but that could be for
subscription viewers only of www.owfootball.tv.

The school has had only 3 defeats in a dozen games, and is in the 1/4 finals
of the ISFA (Independent Schools FA) Cup. They were pretty tenacious, and
worked well together. Obviously, they were quite quick and fast, but also
pretty physical and committed. OWFC had more shots blocked in this game than
in the rest of the season put together.

We were clearly the better passing team, but needed to keep composure,
quality and precision if we were going to make them pay. They were direct
and Rann and Spalton were being targeted. But Skinner's pace hoovered up
most of the trouble from the quicks, and he and Walters were releasing their
flank men the front pair well, and it felt like our pressure would pay.
Paddy conjured a yard near the edge of the area and called on some last
minute desperation. The ball reappeared in front of Baker, who made no
mistake, keeping his head down and rifling a rising left foot strike past
the midget goalkeeper.

We ended the first half 1-0, despite some excellent chances to bag more
goals. We should have driven home our advantage, but we were guilty of
taking our foot of the gas. The school made us pay, with a neat series of
1-2s straight through the central defence and beating the OWFC captain
through the legs.

OWFC got the adrenalin flowing again and finished very much on top. Merriott
came closest with an incisive run from the half way line, but again his shot
was blocked and no one could slot home the loose ball. The school game is
always reasonably light hearted, and there were some good perforamces, but
the OW tendency to go to sleep for chunks of the game will not deliver
promotion, nor the cup dream that has tantalised a generation (or three...).

Man of the match: Miles Skinner

Old Wykehamist Football Club 1st XI 1 - 1 Winchester College 1st XI ()

Name Goals Details
1 Edward Neale  
2 James Walters  
3 Jamie Rann  
4 George Spalton  
5 Miles Skinner   Man of the Match
6 Tom Vernon  
7 Jack Merriott  
8 Tom Rae  
9 Bertie Readhead  
10 Patrick Sutton  
11 Gordon Baker   1
12 Chris Walters  
13 Sam Donald