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Match Report - 27 Oct 2018, Old Wykehamist Football Club 2nd XI beat Old King's Scholars

The 2s arrived at Whitton knowing a win would lift them to the top of the table, albeit having played more games than their closest rival. Old King's Scholars stood in their way of the this oh so hallowed peak, a team with promotion ambitions of their own, so much so they have developed a reputation for cancelling (as they already had done in the original fixture) if they cannot get a 'strong enough' team that should lead to victory. Naive.

The game started well. The Dubz had much of the possession and seemingly had learnt from their mistakes in previous games, a surprise to all. Charlie Morgan and Alex Dawkins were solid, calm and dependable at the back and a midfield trio of Gabriel Tiplady, Peter Elphick and Thomas Vernon working tirelessly to take control of the game. Despite the Dubz dominance the game had few clear chances, and it looked like half time would come without any of the goals that the Arthurian league are so famous for. I think Gabe will forgive me for saying his 30 yard volley that crashed against the bar was not 'clear-cut'.

Wanting to give the fans what they wanted Tom Vernon rallied and picked up the ball in the middle of the park. To his left he saw a free John Wilson, who proceeded to cut in from the flank before looking up and whipping the ball into the right panel. Trademark Wilson, the keeper had no chance. In we went deservedly one up.

Bemused by our own ball playing abilities, we all agreed at half time that we were playing well and that our aim should simply be to continue with that.

Out we came for the the second half, this time playing into the wind. OKS came out with more intent and the game turned on its head, with the opposition having most of the ball. Missing that quality player up top to slice through our rock solid defence, the Herculean efforts of every man in white restricted them to pot shots from the edge of the box.Tackle after tackle pushed OKS back and they began to get frustrated. Their captain, complete with armband (what a knob), resorted to diving as he was simply unable to find a way past Morgan and Cubitt on the right of the defense. Rich was so confident in his tackling abilities he seemed intent on sportingly giving OKS the ball back after each success, just to give them one more go. A frantic final 15 saw some cracking saves from James Gray and a second Dawkins goal mouth clearance, Wilson was needlessly scythed down and in retaliation Charlie Morgan decided to tread on people's toes simply because they weren't very nice.

As the whistle went, the Dubz' sighs of relief could be heard faintly by the nearest player. A deserved 1-0 win and a rare clean sheet puts the 2s top of Div 5S. The 2s march on.

Goals: John Wilson
Assists: Tom Vernon
MoM: Alex Dawkins. Special mention to Jamie Ross-Skinner.

Old King's Scholars 0 - 1 Old Wykehamist Football Club 2nd XI ()

Name Goals Details
1 James Gray  
2 Richard Cubitt  
3 Charlie Morgan  
4 Alex Dawkins  
5 Alex Hardiman  
6 Gabriel Tiplady  
7 Peter Elphick  
8 George di Montorio-Veronese  
9 Tom Vernon  
10 John Wilson   1
11 Jamie Ross-Skinner  
12 Billy Fitton