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Match Report - 24 Feb 2018, Old Wykehamist Football Club 2nd XI beat Old Stoics

On the back of some fairly harrowing defeats the 2s came out all guns blazing to keep the relegation battle alive! With no keeper available the mantra 'attack is the best form of defence' was employed to great effect. Setting up with a 4-3-3 formation with the dangerous Kiko, Morse and Mitchell up front, Stowe didn't know what hit them. For almost the first time this season OWs went 1nil up after 5 minutes with a well worked goal ending with Mitchell cutting in and squaring it to Morse. The game progressed and OWs got stronger, the football was being passed and with this new found confidence Golding at right back got into the action with a speccy from the edge of the box into the top corner. 2 nil up and unchartered territory! 20 mins to go until half time and substitutions were made, Kaz Fushimi came on and was instrumental in securing up the midfield, Mitchell went in goal to great effect (for the remainder of the half) and James Ross Skinner came up top to act as a very effective target man (might I add he made a superb debut dropping into midfield later in the game). A full half without conceding, Selwyn, Guest and Court at the back were unbreakable and there was a belief in the team that the escape had finally begun.

Unfortunately the wind got up and we were pegged back in our half. They scored a good goal from range and then a second which was down purely to the fact we did not have a regular keeper now in the goal (no names mentioned). However the team still believed and with the increasingly dangerous Morse up top skinning the opposition for fun we knew we could get one back. Wilson went into right back (an inspired move some might say from injured skipper Cheetham). Wilson did not disappoint pumping a flyer that with the wind would almost certainly have been an 8 poster but against the wind dropped perfectly down onto Gus' boot, however still with two men to out muscle Gus did what he did best, skinned them both and slotted past the helpless keeper.

10 minutes to play and the tension was unbearable - Court having worked his b****cks off went down with cramp, Selwyn with a head collision valiantly came back on and Guesty stepped up in goal to secure the victory we have been waiting for all season to celebrate.

We go again next week still fighting. Sign up!

Old Wykehamist Football Club 2nd XI 3 - 2 Old Stoics ()

Name Goals Details
1 Sam Cheetham  
2 Antoine Kerck  
3 Tom Guest  
4 Gus Morse   2
5 Henry Court  
6 Jamie Ross-Skinner  
7 John Wilson  
8 Kaz Fushimi  
9 Nick Opfermann  
10 Oliver Mitchell  
11 Rob Selwyn  
12 Teddy Golding   1