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Match Report - 08 Oct 2016, Old Wykehamist Football Club 1st XI beat Old Radleians

After taking maximum points from their opening four games, last Saturday the OWs found themselves for the first time at the Whitton Sports Centre, historic home of the club since 2014. But for once we were guests in our home, for much like the San Siro or Stadio Olimpico, Whitton has the dubious pleasure of housing two of the league's fiercest rivals - and this time it was the Old Radleians who were technically the home side. The ORs have been a smug, posh, red blot on our copybook for the last two seasons, so there was no danger of complacency, even after such a wonderful start to the year.

The game began in a manner to which we have become accustomed - the OWs stayed tight, followed our gameplan, and produced the odd moment of excellence at the other end. And after about 25 minutes we were rewarded. George Masefield was sent clear down the right by a crisp set of passes, and he blasted a cross to the far post, where Alex Portz gratefully tapped in to make it 1-0. In a sense, the most insightful thing to say about the rest of the game is that there really isn't much to say about it. We were not at our liquid best, and perhaps didn't produce the chances we would expect to, but equally, there was very little for our defence to deal with. Rupert Mercer picked up Man of the Match honours for an exemplary performance in between the sticks, where he dealt with set pieces and pulled off one or two good saves. So we left with a 1-0 victory, a second clean sheet of the season, and a widening gap between us and second place in the league.

Bradfield on the 22nd and Eton in the first round of the cup on the 29th are our two biggest games so far - please make yourselves available if possible.

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Old Radleians 0 - 1 Old Wykehamist Football Club 1st XI ()

Name Goals Details
1 Rupert Mercer  
2 Peter Fuller  
3 Gabriel Tiplady  
4 David Prichard  
5 Will Rowley  
6 Tom Goulding  
7 Matt Black  
8 Alexander Portz   1
9 George Masefield  
10 James Essex  
11 Jaimish Vekeria  
12 Pietro Emo  
13 Patrick Lloyd